Premium snus, made in Sweden

Premium snus, made in Sweden

Always fresh from factory

Always fresh from factory

Made by Sweden and Switzerland
Swiss Post delivers directly to your door

Swiss Post delivers directly to your door

All inclusive Shipping, TAX & VAT

All inclusive Shipping, TAX & VAT

Swedish tradition meets Swiss precision and ingredients

If you mix tobacco, water and salt, you get snus. Add a few more flavors and you get good snus. But is that it already? Or can you do better? The Lundberg brothers also asked themselves these questions and found a very clear answer.

Curiosity, inventive genius, passion and attention to detail have always determined the lives of the two Swedish brothers and the same applies to their products. With high standards and a clear goal in mind, the Lundbergs are developing a new generation of premium products, ready to conquer the snus world.

From raw materials to manufacturing and packaging, perfection runs like a red thread through development and production. Only the best tobacco varieties and excellent Swiss ingredients are used in the production process. Craftsmanship and maximum sensation combined in a small portion of snus.

Finest Swiss mint
Swiss mountain salt

We offer special services tailor-made for you


Design Cans

Store your tobacco in sleek anodised metal cans, carefully designed around the founding pillars of function and beauty.


Refill Bags

By buying your snus in our resealable zip bags we ensure a fresh product that is easily delivered to your mailbox.



For a tailor-made and stress-free experience, receive your snus fresh from the factory directly to your door, at your chosen interval with no commitment.

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